Friday, 15 June 2018


Once long ago there were seven sisters making kites.The first sister made a green kite from the harakeke bush.The second sister made an orange kite from the raupo bush. The third sister made a pink kite from the manuka bush. The fourth sister made a red kite from the puriri tree. The fifth sister made a blue kite from the colour of the river. The sixth sister made a white kite from the toetoe bush. The seventh sister who is the smallest sister made a colourful kite. Her name was Matariki.

Then the 7 sisters with the little sister went and got the coats to go outside to fly their kite. So they went up the hill but there was no wind. So they went to sleep and when they were sleeping the kite flew away. Little matariki woke up and she said “Where is my kite?” and then the other sisters woke and said “Where is our kite?” and Matariki was brainy because she looked up and she saw her kite up in the sky.So the 7 sister looked up when Matariki was look.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Adding Simple Fractions

Add together the simple fractions.
Double click the picture to colour in the right number of pieces,

¼ + ¼
½ + ½
⅖ + ⅕
1/6 + 1/6
1/4 + 2/4
⅘ + ⅗

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Making Catapults

Yesterday we were making catapults with popsicle stick and slatap. we have to shoot with a pompom and we had a fight with our catapult by shooting with our pompom. Then we did girls vs boys. but the girls went first.Miss king did a square on the floor with salitap.and then we shooted and we did not got it the square it was the boys trune and they shooted and one prosen got it in and it was Aaron. and it was the girls trune angin and sesilia got in and it was fun and we injoyed it.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Mufti and Wheels day

On Friday lunch we had to take out the wheel in class  and it was at pt england school.
After we were riding our wheels some people was riding scat brod, scawder, bike and haverbrod and we were having fun and some people was riding the school bike. Next people was riding arrowed the school but we have to give a gold coin to the teacher.