Tuesday, 18 September 2018


As the block went outside the block went to the park.When we went to the park we played Elimination tag and it went like this.We had a Dodgeball and the taggers were Bryston,Adriana and the throwers were Ana,Kamryn and Lincoln. After that Mr Moran said "we have to go and play now" and Mr Moran gave us 5 seconds. Also the taggers and throwers went and tagged us but the taggers had to tag us and the throwers had to stand on the grass and it was berliy hard to play.So then we have to sit down but the the winner was Maruis but when he sprited he had a terrible accident. So the Adriana and Bryston helped him up.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

My New Duffy Book

This is my new Duffy book. It is called Dolphin school by Catherine Hapka. Thank you Dominion construction for donating books to our school.Also it is all about the Dophin that she can swim.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Word Cline Sentences


As I went to the beach it was brierley burning.


As I got a icy water I drink the icy water and i got a brain freeze.


I have never go to the shop because I have to go with my mum and dad.
Feelings - Sad

As I was walking I was miserable.

Feelings - Happy

I was feeling pleased because it was a sunny day.  


As I stroll along I see a horse galloping.


As I saw a tiny little ladybug I got scared.


As I yelled to my sister I got angry.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Marama's Dog

The Poly Storg Challenge

The ploy stonrg challenge means that if you are somoan and if you are dancing to Niuean it does not mantter that you are togan, cook iland, Figan,soaman. Also if you any thing it does not mantter that you are doing some other calter like any calters. Also the poly stong challenge sitl means that you are caving a fun day it also means means that you are happy by doing a ploy stong challenge.

My Fun Weekend

In a Fousam morning me and my Family went to stonefields church because we had a dance at the church.First i saw was Sesila, kolotita, Finan, melelupe, Harmony, melemanu and temilesie and siua.After that this man said that it is the primary's birthdays. Then we sang the birthday song. After the song we have to dance because we have to wait for the cowboys people. Also we were still dancing. Then they were ready to dance and it was cool and when they were done we have to get up and dance again and we realize that the kiki song was on so we danced to it. Then we have to sit down on the floor because the song was finish so we have to watch the bollyworld people because we have to see them if they are so cool at dancing. When they were done we have to get up again to dance.when we were done it was the GI people and who was in the GI people was koloitta and her sisters and when they were done.After the dance we have to eat and there was driks and stak, sauga and Donuts and there was lots of food. When we got our food the man said that sesila dad have to dance. Then he got up and danced and he danced like a robot. Then he was done dancing also when he was done dancing the people got given out cake. After that it was our dance and it was me fiuna, mele and melemuna and our dance was called sinaha primary the last bit was some people got some balloon and I got 5 balloon and gabriella got 3 balloon and quincess got 4 balloon and I felt happy.